An Appeal to all Conscience Hearts Worldwide
Nablus 28/2/2007

On Sunday corresponding to 25/2/2007, more than 120 Israeli Military Vehicles raided Nablus City on which curfew was imposed particularly on the Old City and its surrounding neighborhoods. Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) started a wide and vicious campaign on the City and its belongings; two houses were demolished in the Old City, another was set on fire at Al-Makhfyah Neighborhood, and more than 100 doors of “commercial stores” were destroyed, not to mention the damage brought upon the entrance of every house on the pretext of searching for “wanted people”.
In the same context, IOF surrounded the City’s hospitals; searched ambulances, and suppressed the work of the medical teams at the hospitals, which caused a severe and negative impact upon patients and their treatment.
The new, yet old scenario of Israeli Forces’ Invasion upon the City has made all Health Institutions work on activating their emergency plans to face this ferocious operation.
According to sources from hospitals and field institutions more than 150 persons were arrested, 40 citizens were injured, and a citizen was killed while being on his balcony.
IOF actions that resembled in taking over buildings have caused fear and terror among citizens; IOF tend to detain people in their houses i.e. putting more than 20 individuals in one room and prevent them from accessing to their cell phones and even to their refrigerators. We had dozens of calls from imprisoned people, and we barely reached them, many of them were children, women, and some suffering from chronic diseases (hyper blood pressure, diabetes…etc…).
Israeli Occupation Forces have inhibited deliberately the work of our medical teams; the Israeli soldiers detained for more than 3 hours 5 of our volunteers; in another area 3 of our volunteers were beaten up by IOF; more than 35 of field workers at the Old City from different institutions were held as well; ambulances were prevented from reaching the Old City or even entering it.
In the past two days, our teams at UHCC’s main headquarter and the ones working in the field have received hundreds of calls and appeals from citizens under detention, all asking to be provided with babies’ milk, bread, and medications particularly to those suffering from chronic diseases. We were not able to answer all the calls received due to the Israelis’ arrogance that prohibited us from reaching afflicted families and due to being short in hand, as we did not have enough supplies.

In no pre-incident, IOF have intruded the broadcast of local TV and Radio Stations to put on air announcements threatening the citizens from offering help to “wanted people” and asking them to report on such people and in the same time it released a list of names for the “wanted people” on the working local frequencies.
We call upon all Conscience Hearts to help and offer us humanitarian aid from medications and babies’ milk to fulfill our vocational, national, and humanitarian duties towards our people in this Inhuman and Brutal Israeli behaviors brought on the Palestinian Territories in General and Nablus City in Particular, which is under continuous siege for the past 5 years.
We call upon all International, Law, and Humanitarian Institutions, International Red Cross, and WHO to condemn and denounce the Israelis’ Oppression that violates and infringes all International Laws and Treaties.
It is noteworthy, that Nablus City became a scene for killing and destruction during the day and the night by the Israeli Occupation Forces who announced that their campaign has not ended…
We in Union of Health Care Committees (UHCC) call upon you to help & support us in any manner you see convenient; we are now more than any time else in need for your aid & assistance, to be able to serve our people everywhere.

-Union of Health Care Committees (UHCC)
-Al-Moutanabi St. Fraitkh Bldg. Nablus-Palestine.
-Tele-Fax: 00972 9 2372432, 2336668.,
-P.O. Box: 796, Nablus-West Bank-Palestinian Authority.