Bil'in weekly demo tear-gased again, 02.10.09

Today's weekly demonstration in Bil'in was blessed with tear gas but no arrests were made. One protester was hit directly by a bouncing tear gas canister, which burned holes in her trousers and caused burns to her skin. Another demonstrator suffered from severe respiratory problems due to tear gas inhalation.

The Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists transmitted their message of resistance to the Israeli occupation forces awaiting them on the other side of the Apartheid Wall. A French delegation, including the Mayor of the city of Kaysersberg, France, came to Bil'in today to participate in this weekly resistance activity, and to learn more about the resistance struggle in this area.

The demonstration ended without any arrests or major injuries

Thank you for you continued support,

Iyad Burnat- Head of Popular Commitee in Bilin
co-founder of Friends of Freedom and Justice - Bilin