Bil'in night invasion16th December 2009

Tonight the armed forces of the IDF entered the village of Bi'lin for the first night raid in over 1 month.

 Around 30 soldiers struck at the international and media house clearly showing Israel's determination to shut down the coverage on their occupation and apartheid. After dragging all international out of their houses and into the night rain they checked their passports and searched the house for item. Nothing was found and nothing was confiscated. After 1 hour the soldiers left in two separate groups, some in armored cars and others who left on foot into the night.

invaded the home of Salam Amira     

On the 16th December 2009, at 2am, the Israeli occupation forces invaded the home of Salam Amira, the girl who filmed the shooting of Bil’in’s Asharaf Abu Rahme, whilst his hands were tied and eyes blindfolded, earlier this year. The soldiers surrounded the home and shouted that if the family did not get out they would start shooting, but the family were sleeping and didn’t hear, so the soldiers began smashing the windows of the house. When the father eventually woke up and asked the soldiers what they wanted, they refused to answer and ordered the family to be silent.

As Hassan Mousa, member of the Ni’lin Popular Committee, told visitors, “Despite already having lost so much land behind the Wall, this family continues to be punished by the Israeli army.” The family consider the attack as revenge for their daughters brave actions during a curfew in Ni’lin earlier this year, when she filmed Abu Rahme.

Thank you for you continued support, Iyad Burnat- Head of Popular Commitee in Bilin co-founder  of Friends of Freedom and Justice - Bilin