Night raid Bil'in 20.08.09

Once again the night in Bil'in was disrupted by a raid ending with the arrest of one Palestinian man. This occurred in the night after the children's demonstration Wednesday morning where the children had chanted slogans like "We want to sleep," "Stop the night raids" and others.

The house of Mohammed Ibrahim Achmed Hassan Abu Rahma (age 50) was invaded shortly before 2am on Thursday morning, 20.08.09, ending with his arrest. His son Nashmi Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Rahma (age 14) had been arrested 5 days ago.

About 25 soldiers had come to the village on foot with their faces disguised. While taking the victim away, the soldiers threw a sound bomb into Palestinian and international activists who tried to interfere and de-arrest the man. A shuffle occurred during which the soldiers hit Palestinians and international activists, knocking one international female activist to the ground and pulling the hair of another.

As the cameraman was filming the arrest, one soldier hit and broke his camera. The occupation forces succeeded in taking the victim away escaping through the fields, closely followed by Palestinian and international activists. Jeeps were waiting at a fair distance and picked up the soldiers with their victim.

The Head of the Bil'in Popular Committee Iyad Burnat says that in spite of the continuing arrests, the resistance and demonstrations against the military occupation and the Apartheid Wall will continue. "This is our right and we want our lands back now, not tomorrow."