Palestine Monitor
12 April 2010

MONDAY 12 APRIL h 11.00 Wattan T.V station
PRESS CONFERENCE with Deputy Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, and lawyer Raja Shehadeh

Israel’s New Military Order Is An Act Of Racism

Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative and lawyer Raja Shehadeh, will hold a press conference on the new Israeli military order on the Palestinian presence in the West Bank and on the measures to be taken to deal with this resolution

Mustafa Barghouthi: Israel’s new military order on the presence of Palestinians in the West Bank is extremely serious and devoted to racism. 


Ramallah: MP Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, described the new Israeli military order on Palestinian presence in the West Bank, which will enable the Israeli military to prosecute thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, as a very dangerous decision. 

 Barghouthi said "it is devoted to apartheid and paves the way for an ethnic cleansing operation against thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. Furthermore, it is devoted to the separation of Jerusalem from the rest of the occupied territories and the separation of the West Bank from Gaza, as well as lifting imprisonment to up to seven years against thousands of people under the pretext of sneaking into the West Bank". 


Barghouthi denounced the decision as racist, and described Israel’s actions as contrary to the laws that give the Palestinian people of Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem the right to live and stay in any part of the occupied territories, without the need for permission from the occupation that seeks to systematically transform the Palestinian territories into isolated cantons and prisons. 


He further added that the Israeli decision is tantamount to abolish the remainder of the Oslo agreements, and confirms the fact that Israel does not recognize the influence of the Palestinian Authority and aims to eliminate the role of all the Palestinian institutions of legislative, executive and judicial branches. 


He explained that the resolution was a step intended to escalate the situation and marks a new disregard for the international community, which is still talking about the peace process. 


He made a call to counter the Israeli decision through popular resistance and the imposition of a boycott, sanctions and divestment policy against Israel’s attempt to consecrate the elements of apartheid and liquidate the Palestinian cause. 


Barghouthi said he is no doubt that this is part of a comprehensive plan aimed at phasing out all elements of the Palestinian issue. This includes the right of return of refugees and the rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem, and Palestinian sovereignty over borders, the Jordan Valley area and water sources. Now it seems that there is an attempt to curtail people’s right of movement within the territory and convert all its residents into a group of prisoners in a prison of the isolated. 


Barghouthi said that the Israeli decision is an affirmation of the impossibility of a fully sovereign Palestinian state without bringing the occupation fully to an end and eliminating any Israeli legislative or legal control over the occupied territory. The decision debunks claims made by the Netanyahu government that it agrees in principle to a Palestinian state and makes it clear that its real aim is to transform the Palestinian state into a series of ghettos and cantons. 


Barghouthi noted that state institutions and the Palestinian people are united under the banner of the Popular Resistance in confronting the Israeli decision, and demand explicit and immediate sanctions against Israel until the end of apartheid.