6 August 2010

Masked settlers attack international peace activists in Hebron

August 6, 2010

Al-Buwayra, HEBRON

This morning, in a second day of violence in the village of Al-Buwayra, near Hebron, two international peace activists were attacked by three Israeli settlers wearing black masks.

Both were left seriously injured and have been hospitalized following the unprovoked attack.

The settlers knocked Canadian Peter Cunliffe, 26, to the ground then beat him in the face and body using metal poles and wooden sticks. He is being treated for a probable broken nose and serious back injuries.

Danish peace activist Koba Soernesen. 23, is currently having his left foot examined as he is unable to stand.

He said: “We were sitting under a fig tree where we often sit, when they appeared out of nowhere, from the direction of the settlers’ area. Peter had his back to them and didn’t see them coming. They continued to beat him when he was on the floor, but I was able to fend them off a bit with my leg.

“They also stole my bag with my passport and camera in it.”

Both are currently receiving treatment in Hebron hospital.

The attack comes after violence erupted in Al Buwayra yesterday following the evacuation by Israeli authorities of an illegal Israeli outpost near the Kiyrat Arba settlement. Peace activists based in the area have been trying to prevent settlers setting fire to olive trees and documenting cases of attacks on Palestinians by settlers.

On 25th July two other peace activists, from the Christian Peacemaker Team, were attacked by settlers in Al Buwayra during a massive settler gathering at an illegal Israeli outpost.