U.S. based company General Mills is one of 112 companies named in the UN Human Rights Council’s database of companies involved in Israel’s illegal settlement activities. Last week, the company held its annual shareholders meeting, and concerned shareholders once again asked why General Mills continues to violate international law and the human rights of Palestinians by manufacturing Pillsbury products in the Atarot industrial zone, an illegal Israeli settlement in occupied Palestinian territory.

CEO Jeff Harmening dismissed concerns, and even referred to the illegal factory as a “facility in the West Bank of Israel.” General Mills needs to hear from you - the West Bank is NOT in Israel! Join the over 100,000 who have signed a petition calling on the company to end their illegal business in the occupied Palestinian territory.



Following the shareholders meeting, activists in Minnesota rallied at the General Mills headquarters, demanding the company follow the lead of progressive companies like Ben & Jerry’s by ending illegal business on stolen land. 


 Tell General Mills to stop making Pillsbury products on stolen Palestinian land! 


You can also help by sharing media coverage 

of the Pillsbury family’s statement calling for a boycott of Pillsbury products:

Former Israeli troop reflects on the 'moral corruption' of Palestinian occupation


Or by sending an email to the CEO of General Mills urging him to stop profiting from confiscated Palestinian land.



In solidarity,

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)