IDPC project for training the trainers (adults and professionals learning) in the field of positive conflict management and for dialogue in inter-ethnic and socio-communitarian contexts is to give effective, efficient and concrete contribution to the policy’s development of the European Union as a knowledge-based and practice-based society through the development of social cohesion, inter-communitarian dialogue and job opportunities for adult learners in the field of managing conflicts and promoting social balance, by acting mobility and exchanges in three different countries (Italy, Belgium, Austria) and a partner region (Kosovo, Republic of Serbia) and enhancing a community of practice based on sharing innovative learning methodologies, contents and tools .

Gianmarco Pisa
Operatori di Pace – Campania ONLUS
IPRI – Rete CCP, Corpi Civili di Pace
Tavolo ICP “Interventi Civili di Pace”
30 Gennaio2011