Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Raids and incursions at Al-Aqsa Mosque at highest level since 1967

Shaikh Taissir Tamimi, the Chief Islamic Judge in Jerusalem, has said that Israeli raids and incursions at Al-Aqsa Mosque are at their highest level since 1967. "Settlers and Israeli security forces have been at their most aggressive this year," insisted the head of the Freedom and Independence Party for the Defence of Holy Sites.

In a statement to Quds Net News Agency, Shaikh Tamimi explained that the nature of the raids and violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque during 2013 have taken on a political dimension, being led by Knesset members and ministers in Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

"The Israeli government is providing police protection for those taking part in the incursions," said the shaikh. "They are almost continuous, taking place on a daily basis."

Shaikh Tamimi stressed that the raids are intended to create a physical division in Al-Aqsa Mosque and to create a new reality on the ground, similar to that of the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, which is now split between Muslims and Jews. The occupation forces have made proposals in this regard to the Israeli parliament in order to legitimise the raids and violations of the mosque, turning any attempt by Muslims or worshippers to prevent such raids into a violation of the law, leaving them open to prosecution.