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Gaza hit by air strikes, killing Palestinians 
Follow MEE's updates from Jerusalem and beyond as tensions soar over the threatened eviction of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah

How Israeli raid on al-Aqsa mosque could constitute a war crime

Nine Palestinians killed by Israeli air strikes on Gaza

'It felt like the sky was falling': An eyewitness account of al-Aqsa raid

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said US President Joe Biden is being updated frequently about recent events taking place in Jerusalem and Gaza, noting "serious concerns about the situation". 

Israel tells US: 'Stay out of Jerusalem'
"On a call over the weekend with his Israeli counterpart, our National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan reiterated concerns about the potential evictions of Palestinian families from their homes, and they agreed that the launching of rocket attacks and incendiary balloons from Gaza towards Israel is unacceptable, and must be condemned," Psaki said during a news conference on Monday. 
"So this is something that our national security team is closely monitoring, obviously across government," she continued. "Certainly the president is kept abreast and is watching closely as well." 
Earlier on Monday it was reported that Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat has told Sullivan, his US counterpart, to stay out of the Jerusalem crisis. 
In a readout of the call, the US national security adviser stressed Washington's "commitment to Israel’s security and to supporting peace and stability throughout the Middle East" and that it would be engaged to promote calm in Jerusalem.
Witnesses interviewed by TV channel al-Araby denied Israeli air strikes on Gaza targeted fighters. They said they were waiting to break their fasts when the missiles hit. 
"They hit us while we were sitting without any idea. They're all children, children they killed," said one of the men interviewed by the channel. 
The Israeli military has released footage of an air strike it carried out on a building in Gaza, claiming it killed three Hamas fighters. 
The Palestinian health ministry, however, has reported that at least three children have been killed. 
The Gaza health ministry said nine Palestinians, including three children, have been killed in Israeli bombing on the besieged enclave. Israel began bombing Gaza soon after rockets were fired out of the strip.
There are also several wounded, the ministry added, and they have been taken to Beit Hanoun Hospital in northern Gaza.
MEE's Lubna Masarwa is at the Jaffa Gate, where rocket fire has not stopped nationalist Israeli youth from massing.
Police have attempted to disperse them, and are blocking their entry into the Old City. Masarwa says people are keen on pressing ahead with the march towards the Western Wall.
An anti-tank missile fired into Israel from Gaza has hit a civilian vehicle and wounded an Israeli civilian, the military said.
The civlian sustained light injuries and has been taken to hosptial, the military added.