December 24, 2013

Dear Friends

Hello: the situation here is difficult and much likely  to deteriorate, today there have been several Israeli attacks against Gaza after one Israeli soldier was sniper shot at the eastern border of Gaza city. 4 people were injured so far and one child killed age 4, (her name is Hala ...from Maghazi refugee camp). 

The Israeli occupation warned of more attacks tonight.

I am  in the process of aid distribution to families who lost their homes, or homes were hugely damaged, after the last severe weather conditions. I was there  in one  of my many field visits, it is really shocking to see the large damage in  the NAFAK neighborhood. I cannot describe what I have seen, but for sure meeting with children is the most heart breaking.

I feel stronger being able to reach so many homes, with love and aid. The team of volunteers and Afaq are helping a lot. I know you are now celebrating Christmas, and it is holiday  season, as it is for us in Gaza. Living under siege, blockade and occupation, that is how we celebrate. 

As Mandela said, "the path to freedom is never easy." 

love you all and  Merry Christmas, Happy New year

In solidarity... Mona Al Farra