February 13, 2015


We Did Not Call You

by Alexander Dugin


1. The gap between ideology and politics in today’s Russia is huge and intends not to decline. Political life is dominated by compromise, and pure ideologies either completely marginalized, or (even worse) forms a parody. This situation has been going on for a long time and did not think to change qualitatively. Gradually even the most consistent and uncompromising people get used to this state of affairs. In human terms this is understandable. But this is still not a reason to give up.

2. Nothing comes out and maybe nothing will work out. Goals and values are dissolved inside a dense, incessant pressure of vanity. Vanishes the determination and strength for proclamations and calls to which everyone (or almost everyone) does not respond and does not react. There are many reasons for skepticism and irritation. Around are incurable idiots and scoundrels. Conceit, theft, clinical flashes of lowly thought out anger, called “polemic”.

3. The radical has already been parodied before birth. Spat upon before the first wordings. Presented in the form of caricature leaders, parties and editions before even the emergence of weak shoots of the genuine. It’s disgusting to look into the center, into the left, into the right, into the extreme, into the pathetic attempts at synthesis between these subhuman realities. Radical in our politics (and ideology) is such that it would better not exist.

4. The question arises whether it was necessary (and whether it is necessary now) to publicly express some deep ideas, some subtle considerations, allowing to navigate in our horrible reality? Hordes of demons in the form of opponents, supporters and plagiarists turned everything into a nasty spectacle. Large parties and movements have seized the remains and barricaded themselves in the den of the System, considering what was strapped to be enough for their century.

5. Our conclusion is that in the foreign policy level pure ideology today can not turn into something other than obscene. This leaves no doubt. Therefore, it is necessary either to fold out or seek new ways.

6. The decision was made as follows: turn away your proselytism, calls, appeals like “join”, “we’ll offer you”, “vote for this”, “help”, “support that”, “create”, etc. The new path will be, but completely different.

7. We draw into the void: who can make the difference between distortion and original, without the need to necessary prove and argue it; who suffers in a vacuum of the external and who is tainted with compromises and surrogates (in ideology, thought, politics) who can not find a standing point in the idiotic opposition nor in the marasmatic mode; one who is sick from homegrown “traditionalists”, “esotericists”, “analysts”, “New Leftists” and “New Rightists”; in a word, whoever may not live without exaltedly-clean, clean element of authentic thought and crystaline existence- we’ll give you one last chance. But remember now — we absolutely do not need you. We give you, and all that you can offer in return (including your life and your innocence) may never even close to compensate for our gift.

8. Forms a movement NEW RESISTANCE. Ideology – National Bolshevik. Forms of organization — network of circles and groups, scattered around provinces and cities. No uniforms, no insignias, no speeches or demonstrations. Absolute intellectual and spiritual discipline: you — are nothing, your head — is ringing emptiness, you are disgusted at yourself. The main thing is outside you, but inside us, in the Center. From there, from the invisible, secret Center of the New Resistance you will receive recipes, instructions, directives. Become the “white zombies” of the Revolution. If you are appealing to yourself, get lost. We do not know you. You – are outside Resistance.

9. Resistance – to what? To everything. Around rages a dark endless hell. Degeneration and deformity with lead have crushed life. Nature fell, society has turned into a concentration camp, the government merged with the hierarchies of madness. No way out, all is lost. Only from nothing, out of the dark background of recent unsurrendered souls, from humiliated, disinherited, spat upon, unrecognized in the existential field of feelings and relationships, becomes born a deaf, still indistinguishable, but already desperate NEGATION. This – is the Resistance. New Resistance.

10. New Resistance – is the last thing, what can be done for you. In this movement, there will be not even one moron, not one plagiarist-parasite with yellow eyes, no vain prideful neurotic with delusion of importance, no scribbler with claims to the creation of a school, not a single “Fuhrer” with piggy eyes and crooked elbows. All this was more than enough. And in the official opposition, and among the radical marginal groups, and even in quite interesting and promising endeavors.

11. New Resistance is not just against the regime, and even against the System. It is primarily the Resistance to parody and idiocy, a resistance from the alienation of the deep pulse of the Spirit in the element of ideological and political harlequinade. NEGATION is directed against the closest, most interior, but already infected with a fungus of suspicious corruption.

12. New Resistance – is National Bolshevism but a metapolitical, depoliticized National-Bolshevism, which retired into itself to comply with all the initiatory of conditions necessary for the birth of the truly NEW. The new political subject, as it turned out, is impossible to construct. Prematurely terminated pregnancy, artificial insemination only leads to abortions and miscarriages, to the appearance of monsters. Cabinet of curiosities of Russian radicalism incites deep disgust: dead embryos of a whole spectrum of promising things and beings, slimy, covered with scales and tentacles; croaking mouths are spouting nonsense…

13. New Resistance – is the absolute purification. It did not bring, it will not save anyone, will not produce any fast fruit. It is possible , that during the exorcism ,almost everybody will be turned into pigs. But the responsibility for this is only on yourself. We did not call you.

14. Let them call it a sect. But the fact is that if the sect can accommodate Truth, it will cease to be so. Conversely, no matter how wide of a success did not use the fakes, their value in the eyes of the Absolute does not increase even by little.

15. The New Resistance now exists. Woe to those who dare to embark on this path.

International Eurasian Movement