degli Immolati Tibetani

  Two 16 year-old Tibetan boys named
as Gendun Gyatso and Choekyi Gyatso self-immolated Saturday December 8th against China’s violent and illegal occupation of Tibet

Youth immolates self in Ngaba

Sonam Lhatso,

a nun from Kardze County, was detained during a protest on 14 May 2008 and has been imprisoned ever since. During the protest, nuns shouted slogans for a free Tibet and for the return of the Dalai Lama. Police arrived, broke up the protest and began beating the nuns.

While in detention she and her fellow nuns were subjected to further beatings. Sonam Lhatso has not been seen since then and inquiries about her location and wellbeing from her fellow nuns have been met with silence by authorities.

According to new information, the Tibetan who self immolated in eastern Tibet’s Ngaba has been identified as Koenpe and breathed his last on the morning of December 24, according to sources in exile.read