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Demonstrations In Ni’lin: Routine Or Resistance?
by Brynn Ruba

Bil'in Declares the Last Day of the Wall
Friday 24/12/2010-bil'in weekly demonstration against the wall and settlements (video)
Dozens of people suffered from tear gas at the Christmas demo
Dozens of people were injured from asphyxia in Bil'in weekly demo 17/12/2010
Abu Rahma’s release celebrated in Bil’in

Human Rights Mean Nothing In Bil’in
by Brynn Utela
Al Ma’sara Demonstration 10/12/10
Remembering the First Intifada,  International Human Rights Day, and the Imprisonment of Abdallah Abu Rahme
A Message From Abdullah Abu Rahmah on International Human Rights Day

U.S. Gov't Responds to Questions About Imprisoned Palestinian Protest Organizer Abu Rahmah (video)
Palestinian protest leader's case sparks scrutiny
By Karin Laub

British Consul General Heads European Diplomats Attending Bil'in's Abdallah Abu Rahmah's Appeal

Israeli military court keeps West Bank protester in jail after end of sentence
By Harriet Sherwood
Military Judge Orders to Keep Bil'in Organizer Jailed Even After He Has Finished Serving His Sentence

Bi’lin, Giornalista Picchiato Mentre Filma Raid
Military Incursions continue in the Occupied village of Bil'in.
High-velocity tear gas canisters and skunk water used in assault on Nabi Saleh demonstration; 18-year-old to undergo surgery

The march of solidarity with activist Abdullah Abo Rahma
Bil'in marks the 6th anniversary of Arafat's death
In the 6th anniversary of Arafat death tens of Palestinians joined by internationals and Israelis in the weekly demo in Al-Ma’sara village

The Israeli Army raids Bil'in the fourth time in three days
Dozens of people suffered from tear gas in  the weekly protest of Al-Ma'sara village
The protesters were carrying posters of Bilin's Abdallah Abu-Rahma, asking for freedom for all political prisoners.
Tra il 9 e il 16 novembre si svolgerà in Cisgiordania la campagna locale  e internazionale contro il Muro con manifestazioni e raduni l’11 novembre a Qalqiliya, il 12 a Nilin (Ramallah) e il 13 a Walaja (Betlemme). A fine mese, il 29 novembre, è fissato un sit-in di fronte alle sede delle Nazioni Unite a Ramallah per chiedere l’attivazione della sentenza di condanna del Muro emessa nel 2004 dalla Corte Internazionale di Giustizia. Nei prossimi giorni si terranno iniziative analoghe in Canada, Austria, Gran Bretagna, Argentina, Irlanda, Corea e Olanda, volte anche a chiedere la scarcerazione di Abdallah Abu Rahme, Nena News
British FM backs non-violent struggle
against security fence
by Ali Waked

Army enters home of protest leaders
Matrimonio ai tempi della Resistenza

Free for all prisoners
The Racism Even In The Image Of The Wall
By Iyad Burnat

Three civilians, including a child, injured as dozens suffer tear gas inhalation in weekly Bil'in demonstration
by Iyad Burnat

Bil'in Organizer Sentenced to 18 months

Statement by the EU Representatives to the Palestinian Authority and the EU Consul Generals in Jerusalem on the sentence of Abdallah Abu Rahma

Friday, October 15 demo
We stay here like the roots of the olive trees
Un Anno di Carcere al Leader Lotta non Violenta
Non si può restare in silenzio!
di Luisa Morgantini

Peace does not exist with occupation
Bil'in Model of Wall Resistance
By Iyad Burnat
Military Night Raids and Arrests
Resume in Ni'ilin

Demonstrations Met with Live Ammunition Across the West Bank
Man shot with live ammunition at Bil`in wall protest
Bil’in 20-9-2010 - an Israeli army force invaded on Monday midday the village of Bil’in and clashed with local youth.

Dear Luisa (Morgantini)
by Sydney Levy

Rischia 2 Anni di Carcere
Leader Lotta Non Violenta

Peaceful protest is not a crime: Call on the US Government to secure the freedom of Palestinian nonviolent organizer Abdallah Abu Rahmah
Spanish Parliament Condemns
Abdallah Abu Rahmah's Conviction

Spanish Congress of Deputies Hall,
August 30, 2010.
Monsieur le Ministre Bernard Kouchner
Le Bureau National de l'Association
France-Palestine Solidarité

Bil'in's Abdallah Abu Rahmah Cleared of Stone-Throwing; Convicted of Incitement
Anche l’UE Critica la Condanna ad Abu Rahma
Statement by the Spokesperson
of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on conviction
of human rights defender
Abdallah Abu Rahma

Per il rilascio di Abdallah di Bilin, Palestina
Messaggio originale di Mahmoud, sindaco di Al Masara
Criminalizing Peaceful Protest;

Occupation, curfew, settlements, closed military zone, administrative detention, siege, preventive strike, terrorist infrastructure, transfer. Their WAR destroys language. Speaks genocide with the words of a quiet technician. 

Occupation means that you cannot trust the OPEN SKY, or any open street near to the gates of snipers tower. It means that you cannot trust the future or have faith that the past will always be there. 

Occupation means you live out your live under military rule, and the constant threat of death, a quick death from a snipers bullet or a rocket attack from an M16. 

A crushing, suffocating death, a slow bleeding death in an ambulance stopped for hours at a checkpoint. A dark death, at a tortures table of an Israeli prison: just a random arbitrary death. 

A cold calculated death: from a curable disease. A thousand small deaths while you watch your family dying around you. 

Occupation means that every day you die, and the world watches in silence. As if your death was nothing, as if you were a stone falling in the earth, water falling over water. 

And if you face all of this death and indifference and keep your humanity, and your love and your dignity and YOU refuse to surrender to their terror, then you know something of the courage…. that is: PALESTINE 

Suheir Hammad

Exactly one year ago today,
Bassem Abu Rahmah got killed in Bil`in

Night raids in Bil'in!
Again and again and again!

Storm the village of Bil'in at night

Demonstrators gathered today in Al Masara, near Bethlehem, in commemoration of Land Day, marking the anniversary of mass confiscation of Palestinian land in 1976.

Releases the Bethlehem Ten

Demonstrators Demand Prisoners' Release

Racial Discrimination By Israeli Police:
  Bethlehem Peaceful Protesters Still Detained

15 Arrested in Bethlehem Demo including
PLO Executive Committee Member

Second Youth from Iraq Burin
Dies Overnight

Israeli Army Kills 16 Year Old Demonstrator
in Iraq Burin Near Nablus

L’esercito Israeliano Dichiara Bil’in e Nil’in
Zone Militari Chiuse il Venerdi’
Per i Prossimi 6 Mesi

Beit Jalla  - Haifa – Ni’ilin –Bil’in –
An Nabi Salah – Al Ma’asara –
Sheik Jarah - Beit Ummar – Jeb Altheeb

 Israeli Army: Bil'in and Ni'ilin a Closed Military
Zone on Fridays for a Six Months Period

Three Protesters and a Journalist Arrested
During Beit Ummar Demonstration

Bilin Weekly Demo 12-3-2010

Demonstrators Block Route 60
Near Beit Ummar

Border Police Critically Injures 14 Year Old
in Nabi Saleh Demonstration

During the International Week Against Racism
there were dozens of injuries from choking gas
bombs in the village of Bil'in

Palestinian Organizer Assaulted
at an Israeli Checkpoint

Commander Wanted
For Committing Crimes Against Humanity

A Thousand Demonstrators Dismantled the Wall
Paris soutient les habitants de Bilin,
appelle Israël à libérer les arrêtés

La lotta nonviolenta di Bil’in compie gli anni
di Barbara Antonelli 

Israeli Occupation Forces aggressively dispersed
a peaceful demonstration in Al Ma'sara

Five years of struggle will end only
when the wall falls!

Cisgiordania: tra foto e gas fiorisce
il 'turismo della barriera' I palestinesi chiedono
attenzione, anche vestiti da Avatar
di Alessandro Logroscino e Laura Conti

Bilin, Three Arrested at Night: Ibrahim Abed
El Fatah Bornat, Hamde Abu Rahmah
and an international journalist

Stop The Wall Campaign Targeted: Israel Continues To Violate The Rights Of Human Rights Defenders And Peaceful Activists.
Guerra al dissenso
di Khadra Hussein

IDF: PA funds and endorses anti-fence protests
By Yaakov Katz 

I Palestinesi che considerano la nonviolenza
la loro arma
di Richard Boudreaux

Israel Signals Tougher Line
on West Bank Protests
By Isabel Kershner

Liberta’ Per Mohammed Al Khatib
Arrestato durante un raid notturno
il 28 gennaio a Bil’in

The War Resisters’ International condemns the arrest of Mohammed Khatib

Mohammed Al Khatib
Bilin Popular Committee Member Arrested

Mohammed Khatib,
Coordinatore del Comitato di Coordinamento della West Bank arrestato

Ramallah - Bil'in 29.1.2010

Child Injured During Nabi Saleh Demonstration;
One Arrested in Ni'ilin

Protester Injured in Bil’in During
Weekly Non-Violent Demonstration

Six Injured and Six Arrested
During a Nabbi Saleh Demonstration

Three More Arrested in Ni'ilin Night Raid

Eight Arrested Following a Night Raid in Ni'ilin

The Lost Lesson of the Civil Rights Movement
by Mousa Abu Maria and Bekah Wolf

Demande d’audience au sujet de la répression
contre la résistance non-violente en Cisjordanie

Demonstrators Met with Live Ammunition
in Bil’in Village

Activist from Bil’in Village Arrested
in Night Raid

Interview with Palestinian activist
Hassan Mousa

Three Injured and One Attempted Arrest in Bil’in Village Weekly Demonstration 8-1-2010

Israeli Occupation Forces pay a "social visit"
to Bil'in today 7 january 2010

Weklly demo 01 01 2009

Al Masara Demonstration 02-01-2010

Together, We Will Break The Siege of Gaza!
Demonstration in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Tulkarem

On Tuesday, January 5, I attended the trial of my husband Abdallah Abu Rahmah
Letter from Abdallah Abu Rahmah
My Husband: Jailed for Protesting Israel's Wall
By Majida Abu Rahmah

Together We Can Break The Siege Of Gaza!
31/12/09 Popular Demo In The West Bank

Village Stormed and Two Boys Arrested

Christmas in Bilin

Haggai's report

Together, We Will Break The Siege of Gaza!
International Call to Action from
the Bilin Popular Committee

Desmond Tutu demande la libération immédiate du leader de Bil’in Abdallah Abu Rahmah