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Una volta che hai visto, rimanere in silenzio diventa un atto politico quanto parlare.
In entrambi i casi, ormai sei responsabile. Arundhati Roy

La resistenza popolare a Bil'in: intervista a Basem Yasheen
di Rossella Del Fiore

Fiero di essere un Freedom Rider
di Mazin Qumsiyeh

Freedom Riders Palestinesi Arrestati da Israele
di Marta Fortunato

Rosa Parks

Israel frees Palestinians seized from bus
guarda il video e firma la dichiarazione di solidarietà
15/11/11 - At 4:30pm, the six brave freedom riders were forcibly removed from the bus after entering Jerusalem and arrested. As they were dragged off they cried out that they would continue their struggle until the Palestinian people were free. We will stand with them until they are released and in their continued direct actions for freedom and equality.

Freedom Rides, Sul Bus Con I Coloni
di Emma Mancini

“Facilitando il trasferimento di popolazione all’interno dei Territori Occupati Egged e Veolia sono attivamente e consciamente complici della politica colonizzatrice israeliana, che la Corte Internazionale di Giustizia ha definito illegale in quanto in violazione della legge internazionale”

Palestinian Freedom Riders to Challenge Segregation By Riding Settler Buses to Jerusalem
Palestinian activists will reenact the US Civil Rights Movement's Freedom Rides to the American South by boarding segregated Israeli public transportation in the West Bank to travel to occupied East Jerusalem.
American Experience: Freedom Riders By Cynthia Fuchs
They never treated us like we were human. They treated us like we were vicious animals, like they were always on guard, like we were going to do something to them. And they were doing it to us.

Dear friends and supporters of The Freedom Theatre

Friday of Loyalty to the Martyrs.
Il gruppo” Rifiutarsi di morire in silenzio”
contro la violenza dei coloni
di Ben Lorber

Freedom Theatre: intervista al direttore di "Aspettando Godot"
di Marta Fortunato

Freedom Theatre nel mirino dell'esercito israeliano
di Ben Lorber

Israeli harassment campaign masquerades as murder probe in Jenin theater
by Jillian Kestler-D'Amours

Israeli army 'systematically harassing' iconic Jenin theater

Fayyad praises non-violent resistance movement

Bil'in Demo august 12
Al-Walaja Demo august 10
Lettera aperta del Freedom Theatre all’apparato della sicurezza di Israele
Israeli army detains Freedom Theater actor
The Freedom Theatre Press Release

Non Lasciamoli Soli!
Raid israeliano... al Freedom Theatre
di  Mario Correnti

Jenin, Raid Israele al Freedom Theatre
di Marta Fortunato

Press Release
From The Freedom Theatre Foundation, Jenin, Palestine

Soldiers Carry out Violent Arrests at Gunpoint in Nabi Saleh july 22
Weekly demo of Al-Ma’sara village  15-7-11
Bil’in Friday  demo 15-7-2011
Al-Ma’sara weekly demo july 8th 2011

Oggi E’ Un Nuovo Inizio Sulla Terra Nostra, Non Piu’ Ferita Dal Muro, Ripianteremo Gli Alberi  E La Vita.
Piccola, Grande Vittoria a Bilin
The day of victory: Bil'in celebrates the removal of the wall
It is important to note that Tamimi’s conviction was based on the testimony of a 14-year-old child, who was taken from his home during a night raid, and interrogated by Israeli Occupation Forces without any communication with his parents or a lawyer.

read the Military Court Ruling in Tamimi's case

Residents to Start Building "Bil'in West" Following Barrier's Rerouting
L’esercito Smantella Il Muro Intorno Al Villaggio di Bil’in
di Emma Mancini

Fayyad to Israel:
Give Palestinians freedom or right to vote

1.7.11:Bil'in celebrates beginning of physical liberation of Pal, By haithmkatib (video)
Protesters in Bil'in Drive Bulldozer at the Wall
Bil'in Friday Demo 17-6-2011

European Union Expresses Concern Over Persecution of West Bank Protest Organizer, Bassem Tamimi
Bassem Tamimi, to Judge:
“Your Military Laws Are Non-Legit.
Our Peaceful Protest is Just”

Statement by H.E. Ambassador András Dèkàny Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations Office in Geneva on behalf of the European Union

Two Protesters Injured by Live Ammo in Deir Qaddis
10/6/2011 Bil'in Friday Demo

Anniversary of the Al Naksa demo 03/06/2011
Demo Friday 27/05/201
Two young men wounded and dozens of cases of choking gas in Bil'in weekly demo
Al Ma’sara Demonstration 19/05/2011

Palestina, un appello per il Freedom Theatre di Jenin
di Luisa Morgantini

Jenin, West Bank: Palestinians take part in a ceremony to commemorate the assassination of Arab-Jewish actor and theatre director Juliano Mer-Khamis at the Freedom theatre. The 52-year-old director was shot dead by a gunman in April.

Abu Rahma: La Riconciliazione Non Si Tocca
di Azzurra Meringolo

Clouds of repression over my release
By Abdallah Abu Rahmah

Injured Jerusalem Teen Dies of Wounds
UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to Give Expert Opinion on the Arrest of Minors in Israeli Military Court

American Women Hospitalized with Head Injury and Three International Activists Arrested in West Bank Protest
Al Ma’sara Demonstration 29/04/11
Bil'in Demo 22/04/11
Al Ma’sara Demo 22/04/11
Bilin Protester Shot with Live Ammunition by Sniper

Juliano Mer-Khamis, ucciso per un teatro che faceva paura
di Francesca Marrett

Da Naji a Juliano, lo stesso destino
di Giovanna Nigi

In memory of our beloved friend Juliano Mer-Khamis

Freedom for Bassem Tamimi! End occupation!
By Luisa Morgantini

Friday 01/04/2011-Two citizens were injured in addition to dozens of cases of suffocation from teargas in Bil'in weekly demonstration.
Israeli Soldiers Arrest Bassem Tamimi, Head of Nabi Saleh Popular Committee

Jailed Bil'in Protest Organizer,
Abdallah Abu Rahmah,
to be Released on Sunday

Army arrests local protest leader in Nabi Saleh last night
Sheikh Jarrah arrests March 4th
(video) by Nissm Mossek

Volantino, in inglese, distribuito dai coloni prima della demo del 4 marzo nel villaggio di Al Ma'sara
Bil'in Marks Six Years of Struggle With Mass Demonstration
People want to end the division,
people want to end the occupation

Arrest of Children (video)
by Joseph Dana

Press release Date: Feb.4th 2011
The great Arab nation

Harsh Interrogations of Children in Nabi Saleh
One citizen wounded and dozens asphyxiated in Bil’in 28/1/2011 demo

Bil'in weekly demonstration.
One arrested in the weekly demo of Al-Ma'sara
Nighttime House Raids Resume in Nabi Saleh
Friday 07/01/2011-At today's demonstration

Quanta Influenza Pubblica Ha
un Israeliano Pro-Palestinese?
di Amira Hass

Invece di adoperarsi per rivelare quanto di vero esista dietro la recente morte di una dimostrante contro il Muro, l'IDF si sta perdendo in una spirale di menzogne.
di Gideon Levy

Brussels, 21 January 2011
Statement by the spokesperson of
EU High Representative Catherine
Ashton on the case of Abdallah Abu Rahma
The spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today: "The High Representative deplores the decision of an Israeli military court to increase to 16 months the sentence of Mr. Abdallah Abu Rahma, a peaceful Palestinian activist committed to non violent protest against the route of the Israeli separation barrier through his West Bank village of Bil'in. She recalls the legitimate right of the Palestinians to engage in peaceful demonstrations".

Judge Accepts Military Prosecution's appeal
to Harshen Bil'in's Abdallah Abu Rahmah's Sentence
The court has accepted the military prosecution's appeal to harshen Abdallah Abu Rahmah's sentence to a total of 16 months. Abu Rahmah was supposed to be released on November 18th 2010, but was kept in detention by the military prosecution's request, despite having finished serving his term. He will now serve an additional 2-3 months in prison.

Israeli activists detained at protest
at US ambassador's home against Jawaher's death
By Joseph Dana

Bil'in protester dies from tear gas poisoning
By Amira Hass

Protesters Breached the Wall in Bil'in on 31 december